Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Recap on Ayden's first summer

Before we post our fall pictures, I wanted to share with everyone our summer memories. It was such a fun summer! We took Ayden EVERYWHERE! I think that it's pretty cool that as a 4-6 month old baby he got to go camping 5 times, attend 3 concerts, see Crater Lake, see two waterfalls, hike 2 buttes, see some caves, go to the beach, garden with Dad, see the Painted Hills, go to the Sister's Quilt Show, stay in a cabin on the Metlious River, and spend time with so many people that love him. Some kids don't get to experience that in a lifetime! We are very lucky to live in Oregon where we can do all this. Here are some pictures of Ayden's first summer.

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Dan and Cassie Larkin said...

Your right, he is so lucky. Almost as lucky as you guys are to have him. We are so happy for you guys.