Friday, January 21, 2011

Our San Fran Honeymoon

I am skipping ahead on this update a bit, only for the purpose of a blog I am writing at PeacefulMamma.  I will jump back to where we left off in 2008 after this post.  These are pictures from our amazing San Francisco honeymoon in September of 2009.  We joined our absolute favorite musician, Michael Franti, at his Power To the Peaceful Music Festival.  It was a three day festival full of music, yoga, workshops, food, and forums.  We were able to see Franti play 3 times and meet him.  He signed his childrens book for our son.  Here are pics from our entire trip...exploring the city of San Francisco, attending the music festival, Franti's after-party at the famous Fillmore Theatre, and the celebration & global forum at Herbst Theatre with Franti.  These are a mix of photos from our point and shoot camera and Drew's DSLR camera.  Enjoy the pictures. 

Walking to Power to the Peaceful at Golden Gate Park
Cool Tree

As soon as we got to the festival, we saw Michael Franti walking around checking out all the artists.

This guy was burning and selling sage and sweet grass. 
The kids sections was full of awesome crafts and a stage for kid musicians.
All elements sanctuary
Enjoying a cold one, right before the Michael Franti after show at the famous Fillmore Theatre.
HUGE photo of Mr. Garcia at the Fillmore
Franti did a whole cover set of the Talking Heads.  It was AWESOME! 
Next morning..on the train heading downtown to explore at join Michael Franti's Celebration & Global Forum
China Town
Eating at a little Chinese place suggested by our wedding photograher. 
San Francisco Brewery Company
The reception hall where Michael Franti held his Celebration & Global Action Forum. 
It was amazing to meet and chat with him!  He is an inspirational and kind person!
Open bar with these delicious drinks that had this Brazilian Rum in them.

The beginning of the forum and acoustic set with Franti. 
This man who is hugging Franti is one of  The Dali Lama's colleague.  He came here to speak to us about compassion and to give a gift to Franti from The Dali Lama. 
A Brazilian Drumming and Dancing group called, Tambores Julio Remelexo.  They were incredible!

Waiting for the Subway back to our hotel. 
Doing what he does best!
Exploring San Fran

The Famous Haight & Ashbury corner!
Our Street!
At Fisherman's Warf


The famous Lombard crooked road.
Golden Gate Bridge

Thursday, January 20, 2011 I am really serious...WE ARE REALLY BRINGING THIS BACK!

I keep trying to update this and stay consistent with posting on this blog but life has just happened SO fast!  I want to update all of our family and friends on what has been going with us past, present, and future.  For now...I will keep this public but in the next few months, I will be making this private.  So, I will send out a password to all of our family and close friends to be able to enter in our family blog.  My reasoning behind this, is that we want to be able to share our adventures and daily life events with all of our loved ones, especially the ones from afar, but we don't want to share it with the whole world.  So we want this to remain private.  I know that I could use facebook but that isn't even all that private anymore.  SO we are trying this out.  This blog will be only about our family and our adventures in the wonderful world. 

I will be keeping my Peacefulmamma blog public and continuing to take the steps towards it becoming a "professional" blog.  I will share some family and life events on that blog but not everything and I will be able to pick and choose what I want to be public that way.  Thank you all for understanding this and we will be sending out passwords to our family and close friends as soon as we make this private.  If you want the password and we may have forgot to send it your way....please send me an email @ 

I will be starting with updating from where we left off....Dec of 2008.  WOW!  So expect a lot of posts in the next week.

For is our cutie!!! 

Be well,

The A-Team