Saturday, October 11, 2008

Grocery shopping in Egypt

For the past few months Alyson has been doing secret shops for a local grocery store (I can't tell you where otherwise they wouldn't be "secret shops"). It has it's upsides and it's downsides. It pays pretty well, especially since we are going to the grocery store about three times a week anyway, but sometimes we have have to drive all the way to Egypt and back just to get some veggies. Ok, we don't really have to go all the way to Egypt, but driving 2 hrs one way to the store can make it seem like we are. Thankfully, Aly gets paid hourly for the drive and gets reimbursed for gas. So, last week she asked if I wanted to go with her and of course I was overwhelmed with excitement, so I said yes. The deal, however, was we got to stop and take pictures along the way. These pictures our from that trip at this little park where we ate lunch before we headed back home. Earlier that week I purchased a new lens in Portland off Craigslist, which these pics are shot through. The lens really isn't that nice, it's just a 50mm fixed lens (no zoom), but the widest aperture opens at f/1.4 which is an option lenses usually don't come with. Anyway, these shots were taken through this lens. It can prove to be tricky because of the zoom issue, if I want to shoot a close up, I have to stick the camera 8 inches from your face. If I want to shoot a full body shot, I have to walk away from the subject about 20 feet. Fun stuff! Now photography is an exercise. Anyway, Alys just asked if I am writing a novel, so I'll leave it at that.....
Aly's self portrait

Little man's first slide!

He loved the swing!

Action shots!

This is my favorite. I love how content he looks!

Big blue eyes!

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