Sunday, August 24, 2008

More Metlious River Pictures

Just a few more pictures from the July trip to the Metlious. Enjoy!!!
Great Uncle Alan with Ayden.
Ayden wearing his uncle's hat. Look at those cute chubby cheeks!
Great Aunt MaryJean and Ayden talking to each other.
Ayden loving tummy time!
Drew and I kyaking on the Metlious.
Giving Ayden a bath in his ducky on the deck of the cabin. Grandma and Auntie Katie helped!!

Uncle Evan and Ayden playing.

Drew was sad because he had to leave a couple days early.

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Merissa said...

Those are great pictures. When you get a chance will you send me a full size version of the one with the three of you? Thanks!
Love, Merissa