Saturday, August 30, 2008

Summer Fun o8

Painted Hills, Jon Day 

Aly with Ayden @ Painted Hills

This picture is only half real.  I imported the sky from another shot to make it more interesting.  Cheating...... I know, but everyone else does it!

Sunflower Power!

Diamond Peak...?

Everyone watching the shooting stars... except me, I am watchin the crazy dogs and the stand-alone camera.
Ayden and mom hanging out while the group was hiking to the lakeshore.

Scenic view # 999,999

Same view (# 999,999) zoomed out.

You guessed it... # 999,999 in b&w.

Hike through the wild flower fields with the friends - Aly & Ayden, Kyle L., Katie L., Andrew M., Jessse, Jenna, and Charlie

Meditation Station!

Out of focus Star Trails circling the North Star

When we went to watch the meteor shower, we stumbled upon this field on a hill that opened up right at the point in the sky where the shooting stars were coming from, and this was the stump that we hung out next to.

Ayden and Aly at the Pinnacles

Night photos @ 2:00 AM!

Aly in a tree!

The whole family at Crater

Me, Ayden, Andrew, Aly, Kyle at the observatory. (Sorry about the watermark Andrew!)

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