Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Drew's first Father's Day!

Well, It's about time I update this!!! We have been keeping busy this summer and rarely have down time to sit in front of the computer to update this but it is my goal to start updating this about once a week. Andrew just taught me how to fully use this and upload pictures, so now I have NO excuse! I'm going to start with Father's Day.

We had a great Father's Day. I made Drew breakfast and he opened presents in the morning and then we joined some friends for a barbeque and their son's first birthday party. It was a blast. I think Drew really enjoyed himself.

My dada is #1!!!!

Relaxing in the hammock!

Cute Smiles

He loves the hammock.

The Larkin Clan!

Happy 1st Bday Elias!!!

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Anonymous said...

Alyson and Drew - Thanks for sharing these photos. Never really thought being so far from you would be such a bummer. Was bad enough when it was just you two, but (no offense) missing these fun months as Ayden grows up is REALLY frustrating. Drew, love your creative work too (North Pole, Crater Lake, etc.) Keep it up! Jay/Dad