Saturday, June 14, 2008

Utah Trip, May 08

I didn't crop any of these photos so you can click on them and zoom in.  I just realized this site allows full sized images so we will upload these from now on so you have the option to zoom.

First plane ride, didn't cry once!  What a champ!

Goofin around with Grandpa

Hey, his head is heavier than you think!

Crashed out x 2!

Larkin men + baby... Grandpa J, me, Brigham, Dan, and Clay holding Ayden

Grandma Carole and baby boy

Dad playing ball with Brig @ Braxton's game

Uncle Dan doing what uncle's do best!

BBQ @ Mom's house

Me, Grandma Carole, Great Grandma Sharon, Chleo the Poodle, and Ayden

Utah trip, May 08

The trip was a lot of fun.  It was soooo nice to see the family again and have them meet Ayden.  It all went way too fast.  We are all looking forward for the next time we can all get together!

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