Monday, May 19, 2008

Family's First Camping Trip!!

Mom and Ayden hangin out at camp.

Ayden loves the Ergo.  Mom and I do to... we can actually move around with him while he is awake!
Ayden's first fishing trip, as you can tell he loved it...

Ayden and Mom hanging out at the Metolius

Ayden @ Camp Sherman

Say Cheese!

Waiting for dinner around the fire

Fly fishing with the homies...

Sorry we haven't posted in a while, we have been soo busy with birthdays, and mothers day, and school and work and diapers... I could go on and on.  Well we decided to take advantage of the 90 degree weather and go to our favorite river for an impromptu camp trip.  It was absolutely awesome!  Ayden loved every second of it!  He was mesmerized by the sound of the river, and loved watching the dogs run around camp.  He went to sleep early too, which allowed us all a little campfire time without the little turd!  On the second day, we all went down to Camp Sherman Store so Ayden could get a feel for where he will be spending his summers for the rest of time!  After walking around the store, and snapping some shots down by the river we packed up and went home.

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