Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Metolius in the Winter

My parents started staying in a cabin on the Metolius River every December to celebrate their anniverary, which is on the 14th of December. That also happens to be me and Andrew's dating annivesary (it has been 4 years now)!!! We met them out there last year when I was pregnant and again this year with Ayden. It was a lot of fun to have Ayden there. It started snowing while we were there, which was so beautiful and peaceful. What more could you, snow, warm fire, Metolius River, and AYDEN!!! It was really fun! I have a lot of pictures from this trip. These pictures are from my camera. My next post will be the nice photos from Andrew's camera. Playing with Grandma Sandy on the couch. Getting ready to go on a walk with Grandma Sandy. All bundled up and warm!!!Watching the snow fall! Drew being the awesome photographer that he is!!!
Grandpa Al and Ayden relaxing on the couch.
Cute boy and his moose!
Kisses for Dada!!

Cute nose!!!

The Camp Sherman store in the snow.
My family!!!

The soon to be husband and wife!

Peaceful moment with Dada!

Relaxing with mama by the fire!

I will post more from Drew's camera and some video clips from the cabin.

Love, Alyson

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Molly said...

Looks like you guys had a great time! Ayden is getting big, so sweet. I love his big eyes :)