Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Trip to Utah, November 2008

Our trip to Utah was awesome. We were there for 6 days!! Usually when we go we are there for around three days, four max. This time, we decided that since we only see the fam in Utah once or twice a year, we were going to make our time count! It was so nice to be able to actually spend time with the family, vs racing around town making sure we get to see everyone, and everyone has relatively equal time. It is hard when the families live 20 minutes away from friends! Anyway, this time we were able to spend quality time with almost everyone. Better yet, Ayden was able to get used to all the new faces and feel comfortable around with the 50+ family members he had been introduced to over the week. Here are a few pix from the week in Utah. Combined, Aly and I shot about 4 gigs worth of pics and there are a lot of good ones, so I decided to post all the fam pics together and all the fun pics separately. Also, when I posted these I was choosing from tiny little thumbnails of pictures that all looked the same, so some of these pics might have eyes closed, or whatnot so... beware!!?!! Enjoy the first few shots, as there are many more to come!

Thanksgiving Dinner... Why do all the kids get to go first all the time?!?!

@ The kids table... They tried to make me sit there!

Brigham patiently waiting for the dinner bell!

The three cooks! Workin hard trying to feed around 50 peeps!

I love this shot!

Ayden all dressed up for church.

Ayden and his cousin Blake. They had a blast! Blake is 4 months older than Ayden.

Annalyse and Laura Lynn love babies! Especially my baby!

Clay trying to figure out what his birthday present was.

Uncle Clay and Nephew #1

Grandma Garber and boy!

Ayden in my Santa hat!

Thanksgiving Dinner. Most everyone is in this shot, minus two other tables.

After brig's event.

Brigham sang the National Anthem at a pep rally for high school students. This program is sponsored by Utah Governor and his wife, and identifies successful people in our society, and how the got to where they are now.

Uncle Pete and Ayden on the day of fam pics in the park. Ayden will have no fear of heights (or falling through the air)!! My favorite part about this shot is the shadow! SWEET!

This was taken by my bro pete at this really crazy place called Gilgal Garderns. I will post more shots from here later. I didn't post process any of these shots, so forgive the bad exposure!!

Goofin around killing time in SLC with Dan. This was taken at the top of the new SLC Library which has rooftop gardens. Again, more shots to follow. We randomly decided to take this hike, but it was well worth the view!

Ayden and Uncle Pete having fun.

All 5 bros in one spot at one time! First time in 2 years.

Close up of the Brothers

Playing with my Mom and Step Dads dogs in their backyard

Uncle Brigham playing with Nephew Ayden.

Dad's side of the fam, and their better halves!

Grandpa and Grandma Larkin having fun with Boy!

Pete and Ayden @ Gilgal

Pete and Ayden @ Gilgal 2

Uncle Dan and Ayden having a good time

Aunt Cassie and Ayden were having a serious conversation!

More pictures to come!

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